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Ann Arbor Commerce Bank

Richard G. Dorner, President & CEO

The Ann Arbor region has been recognized as a unique, economically stable community existing within the challenged southeast Michigan economy. What sets Ann Arbor Commerce Bank apart?

Ann Arbor is a great place to live, work and play as has been demonstrated by numerous “Best Place to . . .” rankings over the years. During economic upturns and downturns, “brain gain” university towns embrace the challenge, recreating themselves with collective organic ideas that maximize the elements of today to become the substance of tomorrow.

Since our inception, Ann Arbor Commerce Bank has embraced this entrepreneurial philosophy, creating a strategic focus connecting our heritage with our mission of stewardship. Our foundation is built upon a commitment of excellence to customers, staff, shareholders and community. Our unchanging values have allowed Ann Arbor Commerce Bank to be successful over the years and will help us grow and flourish into the future.

We have created permanent positions in our local job market for ourselves and our clients. We purchase locally, so that our neighboring businesses thrive. We help customers improve their financial strength, constantly striving to create new products and services to meet our community’s ever-changing financial needs. Our staff and directors are connected and committed to our communities, providing time and energy to keep our community strong. The continued success of any organization is based upon a timely evaluation of conditions followed by a wellthought- through action plan. Our team has stood the “test of time”, and looks forward to the ever-changing landscape of the future.

— Richard G. Dorner, President & CEO

  Board of Directors
  Henry E. Alvarez, CPA
President & Managing Principal
Curtis, Bailey, Exelby & Sposito, PC
  Richard G. Dorner
President & CEO
Ann Arbor Commerce Bank
  Brian K. English
General Counsel
Capitol Bancorp Limited
  James A. Fajen
Attorney at Law
Fajen & Miller, PLLC
  James W. Finn
Chairman & CEO
Finn’s – JM&J Insurance
Agency, Inc.
  H. Nicholas Genova
Chairman & CEO
Washtenaw News Co., Inc.
  Richard M. Greene
Richard Greene Point Training
  Rene B. Greff
Corner Brewery
  James C. Keen Sr.
Cliff Keen Athletic
  David W. Lutton
Charles Reinhart Company
  David M. O’Leary
O’Leary Paint Company
  Fritz Seyferth
Fritz Seyferth & Associates
  Clifford G. Sheldon
Retired Banker
Ann Arbor Commerce Bank
  Carl Van Appledorn, MD
President & COO
Urological Surgery Associates, PC
James A. Fajen
Richard G. Dorner
President & CEO
Clifford G. Sheldon
John J. Wilkins
Executive Vice President
Mary Hays
Senior Vice President
James L. Jeszke
Senior Vice President
Mary D. Gyorke
First Vice President
John Nixon III
First Vice President
Mark S. Aben
Vice President
Noelle C. Grigg
Vice President
Patrick J. McKeon
Vice President
Kathleen Slocum
Vice President