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Sunrise Bank of Atlanta

Charles H. Green, President

How does Sunrise Bank of Atlanta benefit from the “Art of Banking”?

Our “Art of Banking” concept has developed into vibrant financial relationships that help our clients invest in their future, create jobs, plan for retirement and educate their children.

In competing with larger Atlanta money-center banks, we opened many new accounts through simple listening and caring skills. We are a capable and engaged financial partner for entrepreneurs, small businesses and emerging professionals, as well as for working families, students and many people nearing retirement.

We initiated this effort with an exceptional staff of professional bankers committed to excellence. With the goal of delivering a unique banking idea to our market — that banking can be a creative art — our clients have responded favorably.

As we head into our third full year of operation, we are prepared to continue building the same kind of relationship with new clients, helping to solve more financial problems and providing convenient assistance beyond what our clients ever expected.

And, as always, we will continue to be a safe and sound haven for one of the most valued assets of our clients — their wealth. We bear the responsibility of client trust in every decision we make and will always live up to that standard.

— Charles H. Green, President

  Board of Directors
  Kim E. Anderson
Boardwalk Consulting LLC
  Lawrence E. Cooper, MD
Bentley Investments, Inc.
  Herbert M. Dangerfield
President & Owner
Carey Executive Limousine
  Peter G. Davis
President & CEO
Vesdia Corporation
  Karen Burkhart Dick
Executive Vice President
Ackerman & Co.
  Eugene Jones Duffy
Partner & Senior Vice President
Paradigm Asset Management
  Randal A. Enterkin
President & CEO
PrecisionJet, Inc
  Charles H. Green
Sunrise Bank of Atlanta
  Angela Hsu
Vice President & Attorney
Duke Realty Corporation
  Bari R. Love
Jackson Spalding Communications
  Bruce D. Jones
President, Southeast Region
Capitol Bancorp Limited
  M. Kasim Reed
Holland & Knight LLP
  Patrick T. Reid
Attorney at Law
Reid and Reid
  R. Kirk Rich
Rich Real Estate Services, Inc.
  Grace M. Lopez-Williams
Grace Williams CPA, PC
Patrick T. Reid
Bruce D. Jones
Vice Chairman
Angela Hsu
Charles H. Green
Guenter C. Kittel
Senior Vice President
June F. Kossow
Senior Vice President
Tareasa P. Sexton
First Vice President
& Senior Loan Officer
Rick S. Darlington
Vice President
& Mortgage Lending
Miroslava Torres-Young
Vice President